Refrigerated Transport

EcoClear’s proprietary system has been tested and proven on refrigerated transport trucks with several different companies, hauling many different loads; the results have been proven time and time again.

The EcoClear System  cleans and coats with nano technology, protective coating for fins, fans, and coils in refrigeration units that keeps the equipment clean and running efficiently. Because the equipment is free from dirt and debris build-up, EcoClear’s process increases air flow by up to 25%. It also brings defrost cycles to early termination, which saves energy costs by not only reducing heating times to defrost the ice, but also reducing temperature recovery times for the unit.

Using our three step process, transportation companies have seen up to a 20% savings in fuel usage over a three month period!

All of EcoClear’s cleaning solutions and protective coating are 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive and food-safe when dry. At less than a micron thick, it does not interfere with the heat transference of the reefer unit.


Apply our specialized soaps and environmentally safe cleaners.

Clean and rinse with high volume of heated water.

Coat coils with EcoClear’s GreenScreen treatment and protectant.

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