Rooftop Units

No matter the size of your rooftop unit, Ecoclear has the ability to thoroughly deep clean your unit to ensure maximum efficiency and capacity.

Energy use for heating and air-conditioning accounts for more than 25% of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings in the U.S.  Dirty coils can reduce heating and cooling efficiency by more than 40%.

Today’s HVAC equipment designers are using a tighter coil system with more fins to increase the surface area of the unit, in an effort to increase its efficiency. However, once the coils and fins begin to gather dirt and debris, the tighter coil and fin designs make the unit more susceptible to restricted airflow and impaction. Furthermore, if these coils are not cleaned properly, the dirt and debris will only become further impacted, creating an even bigger problem.

EcoClear has researched and developed a specialized system of cleaning these denser units; our trained crews, proper equipment, and proprietary soap ensure that your system will be cleaned properly and restored to high efficiency operation, as it was designed to do. We utilize environmentally safe technology to improve HVAC energy efficiciency, increase equipment longevity, and reduce maintenance labor with EcoClear’s advance evaporative coil treatment

Save up to 20% in Energy Cost by Cleaning Your Evaporator and Condenser Coils!




Apply our specialized soaps and environmentally safe cleaners.

Clean and rinse with high volume of heated water.

Coat coils with EcoClear’s GreenScreen treatment and protectant.

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