Water Chillers

EcoClear can help with:

  • Scale Build-Up
  • Bio Film
  • Clean Out Chiller Pack
  • Rod Out Chiller Pack

If your plant encompasses Chiller equipment, you are aware that they are susceptible to bio-film and scale build-up. EcoClear also has the necessary equipment and chemicals to safely and professionally clean and rod out the chiller pack. A clean chiller ensures maximum efficiently, and the ability to run at factory specifications. It will also be able to handle the capacity that the plant requires from its screw chillers or heat transfer coil packs.

Bottom line for cooling towers, chillers, and evaporative condensers: EcoClear has the equipment to clean the heat transfer machines and the chemicals to clean it safely without damage.




Apply our specialized soaps and environmentally safe cleaners.

Clean and rinse with high volume of heated water.

Coat coils with EcoClear’s GreenScreen treatment and protectant.

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