Q. What is EcoClear’s deep cleaning system?

A. While there is no silver bullet for environmental cleaning, EcoClear has developed a consistent methodology to clean, sanitize and protect gained from years of experience and a toolbox full of specialized chemistry and equipment. We will develop a cleaning protocol that meets your specific needs and that works within your production schedule. Our process is designed with two goals in mind: increase facility hygiene and energy efficiency.


Q. How does the GreenScreen coating work?

A. The GreenScreen protective coating is a photocatalyst of nanocrystals that actually acts as a ‘wetting agent’ that helps water sheet off, instead of typical beading which leaves spots. The coating forms a very thin water film which easily runs off, taking dirt, oils and contaminants with it.Benefits include less spotting, ease of dirt release and oil removal, reduction in cleaning costs and faster evaporation. EcoClear’s GreenScreen coating will exhibit superior heat transfer performance by inducing film flow (and evaporation) versus the larger sessile droplets on an untreated surface.


Q. How much energy will it save on my HVAC system?

A. EcoClear clients have seen anywhere from 10% to 30% annually. EcoClear’s process enables facilities with evaporator or condensing equipment to maximize efficiency with whats known as the Evaporative Advantage. Our protectant coating allows water to sheet evenly across the coil surface instead of forming into droplets which decreases airflow. The Evaporative Advantage improves the heat transfer rate of commercial refrigeration equipment almost a 1,000 times!


Q. How long does EcoClear’s GreenScreen treatment last?

A. Depending on the traffic load or amount of abrasion from tasks such as cleaning, EcoClear’s GreenScreen coatings generally last one to two years.


Q. Who is doing the work?

A. EcoClear deploys in-house crews of technicians trained on how to work in and around commercial and industrial facilities. We understand your HVAC and refrigeration systems and how important a single unit can be to maintaining temperatures in critical areas of the building. Generally, units are off-line, individually, for a limited amount of time while being treated.


Q. What chemicals are used?

A. EcoClear uses EPA approved chemicals to clean, sanitize and protect. We meet FDA requirements for food contact on surfaces treated with our antimicrobial protection. EcoClear safely destroys all bacteria, viruses, virulent spores, mold and fungi on treated surfaces.


Q. What equipment is being used?

A. In most cases, EcoClear utilizes self-contained pressure washing rigs that are designed to deliver a high volume of water hot enough for sanitation. The high water volume is critical to getting deep into coils to get them completely cleaned.

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