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1. We are a professional coil cleaning company that cleans condenser and evaporator coils, chillers, cooling towers, and refrigerated transport trucks.

2. We use biodegradable soaps, high volume pressure washers using the right amount of pressure to safely clean your equipment.  We generate our own hot water and have the capacity to reach 1500’ from our trucks.

3. We clean the full system and depending on the condition of your unit, EcoClear can return up to 100% of the unit’s capacity.

4. After the cleaning is complete, we coat the unit with our GreenScreen coating, which is 1⁄2 to 1 micron thick. This allows your coils to stay cleaner longer, and improves the efficiency of future cleanings.

5. Our cleaning process will improve your CFM airflow to up to 100% of the designed specifications. With our GreenScreen coating, condensation sheets across the whole coil, allowing for greater heat transfer.

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